April 06
12:00PM - 04:00PM

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Surround yourself in the glory of a 77-acre private nature reserve and feel yourself uplifted by the fresh fragrance of a spring forest, light sparkling and dancing on a pristine lake surrounded by majestic trees swaying to the rhythm of nature, songbirds singing in delight, spring flowers emerging and emerald green mosses begging to be touched.

Let the worries and weight of the world go as you joyfully immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundings and experience soul charging at the deepest level.

Enjoy relaxed time in nature and the opportunity to explore your creative genie through mixed media and collage, photography (phone or camera), journaling, connection and laughter led by Frances Litman.

Your attendance at this day-long or weekend program will help Wildwood, a rare and unique demonstration eco-forest, raise funds to purchase an adjoining property and protect more old-growth trees.

Here’s your chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of Wildwood’s stunning surroundings for the day or weekend and try new and fun approaches to expressing yourself through a variety of creative explorations and reflection.

No experience is required. The only prerequisite is an open mind and willingness to enjoy yourself. Each day will provide unique feel good experiences that will leave you both relaxed and recharged.

Indoor activities will take place in the property’s Homestead, a beautifully renovated log home filled with natural light in the middle of this private sanctuary.

Warning: Participation may cause euphoria!

Noon – 4 pm

Saturday, April 6

Sunday, April 7

at the Wildwood EcoForest & Homestead near Ladysmith

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