April 06
09:30AM - 04:00PM

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Labyrinths are unique in the role that they play for seekers of calming, centering inner-reflection and peaceful meditation. The circular, sinuous path of the labyrinth is not unlike the journey we travel to rediscover the past through the present moment moving forward towards the future. An experiential workshop at 2371 Arbot Rd. takes place Saturday, April 6th, 2019 from 9:30 am-4:00 pm at Nanaimo’s lakeside Bethlehem Centre. The workshop will explore the symbolism and mythology of the labyrinth and its value as a reflective practice that helps to release creativity, prompt memory, and integrate past experiences. The day will include a labyrinth walk, individual and group discussions, and an exercise in memoir writing.

Author and workshop presenter Carol Matthews has spoken and written about labyrinths in a number of settings. She has worked as a social worker, as Executive Director of Nanaimo Family Life and as an instructor and Dean of Human Services and Community Education at Malaspina University-College (now VIU) and is the author of a collection of short stories (Incidental Music: Oolichan Books, 2006)) and four books of memoir.

Carol’s book Questions for Ariadne: The Labyrinth and the End of Times initially sold out quickly in 2011, and the publisher Oolichan Books made the book available for sale once again in 2018; a true delight for labyrinth enthusiasts. The new edition notes the emergence of several new labyrinths and adds a chapter that explores the mystery of impermanence and temporary labyrinths; an intriguing and fascinating addition to Matthews’ book.

Matthews will present labyrinth myth, examine reflection through memory and coach participants in memoir-writing and will facilitate engaging discussion on the topic of “Labyrinth Reflections,” at the local retreat centre. Located in the tranquil lakeside woodlands setting on Mt. Benson, Nanaimo’s Bethlehem Centre constructed one of the first outdoor labyrinths in 1998 on Vancouver Island and houses the only public finger labyrinth museum in the world; The Godden Finger Labyrinth Collection. While visiting make sure to experience the serene quiet at Bethlehem’s outdoor labyrinth during your visit, it’s always open and well worth the indulgence. Accommodation is available throughout the week and on weekends but fills up quickly. Reservations are recommended.

Learn more about labyrinth presenter Carol Matthews at Oolichan Books: http://www.oolichan.com/author-carol-matthews. For labyrinth information visit the Labyrinth Society website at https://labyrinthsociety.org. To learn about the outdoor labyrinth and The Godden Finger Labyrinth Collection at Bethlehem Centre visit the centre website at www.bethlehemcentre.com or telephone 250. 754.3254.

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