Interview with Platinum Blond Frontman Mark Holmes

Posted by Simon Rideout

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Interview with Mark Holmes lead singer and founding member of the iconic Canadian rock band Platinum Blonde.
Interview by Simon Rideout


RIDEOUT: Hello Mark thank you for doing this interview for Rideout Communications (for What’s On Digest Nanaimo) I realize you are busy in studio recording a new album.   As Canadian Rock Hall of Famers (legends really ) I guess my first question is what’s it like to be a legend?

HOLMES: What a compliment but slow down we are not elder statesmen just yet! I suppose we all have our own perception of what makes a legend. It’s really nice of people to say that but I don’t think my picture would come up in any definition of a legend.

RIDEOUT: Seriously…Nanaimo is fortunate to have Platinum Blonde headlining The BATHTUB WEEKEND LAUNCH PARTY coming up the end of July.

HOLMES: Looking forward to it.

RIDEOUT: One thing you might not know about Nanaimo is we love to party and Platinum Blonde has some big fans here.

HOLMES: That’s always good to know!

RIDEOUT:   Have you been to Nanaimo or spent any time in the area?

HOLMES: Yes have been to Victoria and have seen the signs so does that count? (*laughs) I hear it’s quite beautiful.

RIDEOUT: It really is. Nanaimo is young but very much a strong and up and coming urban center.   I think I read somewhere that you are British but grew up in Toronto is that right?

HOLMES: Correct about being from Britain but I actually grew up Mansfield Outside Nottingham in the U.K. My father’s job brought us to Toronto initially. I came over on a 2nd visit and that’s where I met Chris and Serge and we started gigging Police covers at nightclubs which evolved into Platinum Blonde.

RIDEOUT: When you were madly touring in the 80’s is there a stand-out moment for you?

HOLMES: Probably when we were doing an outdoor show in Toronto we were nervous and not sure anyone would even show up.   It was amazing when over 30,000 people descended on the area. They stopped the traffic from moving. There were helicopters flying overhead and girls fainting the whole bit.

RIDEOUT: Incredible, what a great story.

HOLMES: Yeah well we’d been to events previously when nobody really showed which makes it that much better when the people come out.

RIDEOUT: In some respects your sound defined the 80’s.   Your sound pierced the airwaves and was very distinct and energetic.

HOLMES: Thanks, our sound as a band is something we are proud of and something we work hard at.

RIDEOUT:   I understand that you were particularly adamant that if Platinum Blonde was to begin touring again, after a long hiatus, that you wanted to release a new album which, of course, became the 2012 release of “Now & Never”   Tell me about that…

HOLMES: I didn’t see a reason to resurrect the past wholesale on a tour. The past should be well preserved nurtured loved and cared for. On the other hand living in the present is what we are doing now. That’s the most important thing.

RIDEOUT:   Is there a particular song from the new album that you love or that the band loves to perform?

HOLMES: The thing about the single “beautiful” , from the newest LB “Now and Never” that works for us is that our music has always been electronic dance disguised as rock. So we love how the single “beautiful” morphed into a dance tune.

RIDEOUT: Thank you so much for speaking with me Mark and I look forward to seeing you and the band on stage.

HOLMES: You are very welcome!



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