April 11
06:30PM - 09:15PM

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The Island Mountain Ramblers are proud to present the 2016 VIMFF, Best of the Fest Tour 2016. The films featured in the Nanaimo Screening will be different from those presented at the Banff screening.

The Festival provides communities around the world with an award-winning and critically acclaimed selection of films, featuring adventure, mountain culture, and mountain sport. VIMFF has been in operation since 1998 in Vancouver, and has been on tour for many years. Between the 30 VIMFF shows in Vancouver and the many Tour events worldwide, VIMFF has an annual audience of 30,000 and growing!

This is the Island Mountain Ramblers’ primary fundraiser. Funds raised from the event are to buy equipment for members to use on club trips, offset costs for education for safe use of the backcountry, and trail building projects.

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