August 16
08:30PM - 09:40PM

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                           This show could save your life!

“Very uplifting.” – London Free Press

“An amazing life story… a wonderful woman to spend 75 minutes with.”

London Yodeller

“An entertaining enlightening piece that educates as well as touches the heart.”

Arts Beat LA

Diane wakes up. Alone. The place looks hauntingly familiar. But she expected to be dead. Where am I? she wonders. It’s not the hospital. Home? But if this is home, where are my children?

Did you know the average person looses 1.9 million brain cells every minute a stroke goes untreated? I knew; I’m a doctor, a radiologist who diagnoses strokes! But I did not deal with having a stroke very well. It was 21 hours before I drove myself to the hospital! Come see how that worked for out for our family- me, a single parent by adoption and my two biracial, ‘tween, sons – one gifted, one special needs.

Written and performed by Diane Barnes, directed by Rebecca Fisher.Diane is a black/Native American, SF Bay Area based physician, B.A Stanford (psychology) and Yale University School of Medicine. A Meisner trained actor, Diane studied with Anna Deveare Smith.

Dates: 7:30PM Fri   Aug 11     7:15PM Sat Aug 12       8:30PM  Wed Aug 16

6:30PM Thur Aug 17       8:30PM Fri Aug 18         7:00PM Sat   Aug 19

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