August 14 - 21
03:45PM - 04:45PM
Harbour City Theatre (25 Victoria Rd)

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It’s about aging and death…only WAY funnier.  “Riveting storyteller” Susan Freedman returns to the Fringe circuit with the World Premiere tour of her latest one- woman original comedy, OLD-ish. Sprinkled with Freedman’s signature wry sense of humour and boundless enthusiasm for life, OLD-ish chronicles the aging process in all its technicolour glory. Be one of the first to experience OLD-ish, playing August 11-18 at Harbour City Theatre as part of the 2018 Nanaimo Fringe Festival. Tickets are available via, or at the door.

OLD-ish is about eyeing that final curtain with humour and honesty. OLD-ish’s outlook is optimistic; love, connections and laughter are the keys to aging happily and the best dodge against sickness, both physical and mental. Freedman is having a good time, and takes us along for the ride. But there it is — lurking around the corner. Is it near or is it still far in the future? Who knows? In the meantime, Freedman’s laughing and learning the whole way.

This is Susan Freedman’s fifth one-woman Fringe comedy, premiering at the Winnipeg and Nanaimo Fringes this summer. Her four previous shows have had critically acclaimed sold-out runs across the Canadian Fringe circuit.

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