April 05
08:56PM - 09:56PM
Unity Of Nanaimo

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Metaphysical Network with Marilyn Hargreaves, B.Sc., C.Ht, April 19th, 7:00p.m.
Talk Title: More Life Between Lives® – Awakening Lightworkers
Join Marilyn Hargreaves as she returns for another inspirational talk exploring past lives and the afterlife based on the extensive descriptions provided by the 40,000 plus explorers who have journeyed into the afterlife through LBL® hypnotherapy. Picking up where she left off last June, Marilyn will delve deeper into what she calls the “Other Worlds & Dimensions Phenomena”. While many individuals seeking a Life Between Lives experience meet their soul-self and learn of their soul’s evolution through incarnating on Earth, some discover that they hail from other planets or even other dimensions, often discovering that their purpose for incarnating on Earth has much higher purpose. Marilyn will also introduce us to a new modality called Quantum Consciousness facilitation, perfect for exploring these expanded states of consciousness in other realms.
Developed by Dr. Michael Newton (author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy is a deep hypnotic process designed to reconnect you directly with your soul self and your guiding beings, through a facilitated a journey into the non-physical realm between your Earthly incarnations. LBL hypnotherapy awakens you to an understanding of your immortal identity, and the plans and decisions that you made before coming to the school of Earth.
Marilyn is a multimodal holistic practitioner and owner of Triology Wellness®. She is a certified hypnotherapist and LBL therapist trained through The Newton Institute®. Marilyn is a member of the Newton Institute’s Research Committee and serves on the Newton Institute Advisory Council (www.newtoninstitute.org).
For more information about Marilyn, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives hypnotherapy visit www.TriologyWellness.com, Email: Marilyn@Triology.ca
Marilyn Hargreaves, B.Sc.,C.Ht., Holistic Health and Herbalist Practitioner, certified in Hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives and Quantum Consciousness facilitation, Business: Triology® Wellness, Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

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