July 03
01:00PM - 03:00PM
Hudson's Bay Woodgrove Centre

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Connect Hearing has been in the business of helping people with their hearing challenges for 40 years. A Hearing Health Check is part of our community outreach whereby we provide education and awareness around hearing loss.


What’s a Hearing Health Check?

    • A free baseline hearing test that identifies if a customer would benefit from a full hearing evaluation
    • An opportunity for customers to have their hearing checked without booking an appointment at a clinic and have their questions about hearing loss answered

What to expect

    • Discussion
    • Provide hearing screen testing for clients and staff (each screening test takes about 10-15 mins)
    • Clean and check on all hearing aid types
    • Troubleshoot hearing aid problems
    • Check sound quality and hearing aid function
    • Supply various cleaning tools free of charge
    • Answer any questions
    • Provide aural rehabilitation when needed and/or required
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