September 16
09:30AM - 06:04PM
Unity Of Nanaimo

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Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful, natural method of self-exploration and personal transformation. Using the breath to turn inward using Holotropic Breathwork requires extraordinary intention, knowledge and support. Holotropic Breathwork uses sustained, deep breathing and a musical soundscape to direct attention away from the everyday mind and into the deep psyche. A session generally lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Focused energy release may be part of a session. A mandala drawing is done upon completion.

Dr Stan Grof and the late Christina Grof pioneered this approach starting in the 1970s when research into the healing potential of non ordinary states with psychedelic medicines was stopped. Although Holotropic Breathwork is similar to the use of some sacred and psychedelic medicines it is a substance-free and natural approach to expanding consciousness and integrating mind, body and spirit.

The workshop day itself is highly experiential. An orientation is available for those doing holotropic style breathwork for the first time or those wanting a refresher. A light meal is included. Early bird price is $125. You can read up on Holotropic Breathwork  – the other psychedelic medicine – at

Within the container provided by the workshop setting, the Breath intensifies inner experiences and provides access to states of mind, body, psyche and even the collective unconscious that are normally inaccessible. No two sessions are the same, though themes may recur. Your experience during a Breathwork session can be expected to be as unique as you are because your own inner wisdom is activated to guide you toward a set of internal experiences specific to your personal evolution to greater wholeness.

To help build a safe container for our process, and to develop group cohesiveness, this workshop begins by coming together in a group circle for introductions and to review the principles of holotropic breathwork. During two separate sessions, you will have the honour of ‘sitting’ for a partner as they ‘breathe’, who in turn will ‘sit’ for you. Sitting for someone having a holotropic breathwork experience can be a deeply moving, learning experience.

The basic element in Holotropic Breathwork is deep and accelerated breathing done lying on a mat with eyes closed and the attention directed inward. Evocative music provides a soundscape for the inner journey and covers distracting sound. Spontaneous expression of the inner experience is encouraged. Focused body release work may be used as an adjunct to help free old, blocked energy to transform and carry us into expanded realms of ourselves. Drawing a ‘mandala’ helps to express and honour the inexpressible. A closing circle is used to discuss and help integrate the often intense experiences that arise.

This workshop will be facilitated by Grof Transpersonal Training certified Holotropic BreathworkTM facilitator Carolyn Green PhD assisted by Derek Endress who is in private practice integrating holotropic experiences.

Join us on the 16th of September.  Contact us to sign up for this event.

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