April 25
07:00PM - 09:00PM
Unity Of Nanaimo

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Over twenty years a certified Practitioner of Reflexology, JinShinDo® Acupressure,  CranioSacral®,  and since 2007 Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® Anna Christine knows now:
  • That healing is actually quite simple.
  • That healing is based on something very different from what most believe.
  • That all the time and money she has spent for most of her professional training was not necessary.
Even her Spiritual Gift of Healing that she received 1998 could not convince her to call herself a Master Healer. She will talk about various ways to receive healing in a very easy way.
Anna Christine will also talk about a way to gain clarity about difficult life situations and your purpose in life.
In her two hour workshop she’ll show you in which way she received her Spiritual Gift of Healing. She’ll also show two videos from healers.  Some people have actually experienced healing while watching these DVDs.
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