May 13
10:00AM - 06:00PM
Charles Hoey Park

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After 35 years of growth in the Cowichan Valley, the Cowichan Intercultural Society is carrying out a capital building campaign to build a new Intercultural Welcome Centre for the Cowichan Valley.


This multicultural DANCE-A-THON will be our principal 2017 fundraising event. A variety of multicultural musicians, musical groups, and dance groups will take the stage to lead participants in dancing.  Participants can dance as much or as little as they want during the eight-hour event.   During the event, only participants will have access to the main dancing area in front of the stage, and spectators will be free to watch the event from outside this area and enjoy the festivities.  There will be a variety of prizes awarded to participants including entry into various raffles (the more you fundraise, the more entries you will get into the raffle), and there will be an array of prizes such as, longest dancer, youngest participant, oldest participant, and many prizes which will be decided by audience voting including dance-offs & crowd favorites.


Participants will have access to light snacks and refreshments throughout the day.  The event will be broadcast live on facebook, so your family and friends who can’t attend the event can watch the fun online!


Registration fee is $5.00 per person or $20.00 for a team of 6

Participants are encouraged to fundraise for the event.

Please visit the website for more information on registration, fundraising, and details on the event

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