August 12 - 19
08:00PM - 07:15PM
Vancouver Island Conference Centre

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Devon More Music puts the Cool back in the Cold War!

100-miles of the Berlin Wall, with a hypnotic original soundtrack, LIVE at the 2017 Nanaimo Fringe Festival.

In Berlin Waltz, a young woman on her bicycle retraces the route of The Berlin Wall, relives the history of its Rise and Fall, and confronts the subsequent Impact of the victorious West on Berlin’s rapidly changing, living & breathing cityscape.

Featuring sultry songs, satirical sock puppets, slam poetry, street art, and plenty of propaganda – this multimedia Cold War Cabaret ain’t your average history lesson…  Piece-by-piece, Devon More builds a Wall of Sound onstage using her curious assortment of musical instruments and an electronic looping station.

Fresh from earning a Frankie Award nomination for Creativity during a runaway first appearance at the Montreal Fringe, Devon More Music presents 6 performances of BERLIN WALTZ this August at the 2017 Nanaimo Fringe Festival:

Sat. Aug. 12 @ 8:00pm
Sun. Aug. 13 @ 3:30pm
Wed. Aug. 16 @ 7:30pm
Thurs. Aug. 17 @ 5:45pm
Fri. Aug. 18 @ 9:00pm
Sat. Aug. 19 @ 7:15pm

Fascism is BACK, and Walls are SO hot right now, so come see how a rock-solid Wall is constructed…then learn how to TEAR IT DOWN!   All performances at the Dodd Narrows Room (Nanaimo Fringe Venue #1) in the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.  Entry to Dodd Narrows Room is at 80 Commercial Street.

Tickets $12 available in advance at


Berlin Waltz is a riveting dance across the city which faced so much controversy and hardship during the Cold War. … This show is a work of art.” -CLJO Montreal 2017


Berlin Waltz is a masterful blend of musical storytelling that left echoes in my head and heart for hours” -Plank Magazine Vancouver 2016


“A one woman show jam packed with multimedia and politics. … Entertaining and thought- provoking, Berlin Waltz takes a big bite out of history and moulds it in a way that the audience can all of a sudden see the present.” -Room Magazine Vancouver 2016


“More’s Berlin Waltz stands as a love letter to a city, an intimate encounter between biography and history, and also, a call for action.” -Joyful Magpies Calgary 2015
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