April 01 - 30
12:00AM - 11:59PM

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When the ones you love are diagnosed with or die from cancer, friends and family often want to do something to help or honour them. Fundraising enables change and we can all have a part in advancing the cancer cause through our generosity.


At the Canadian Cancer Society, we want you to know Daffodil Month is a special opportunity to make a difference.

During the month of April our volunteers will be selling, daffodil pins or canvassing door-to-door in Nanaimo. Street teams are also going out on April 4 from 2-4pm at the London Drugs in the North Nanaimo Town Centre.

Money raised will go towards funding the best cancer research and support services such as our Victoria Lodge which support out of town people who are receiving cancer treatment by providing a safe and supportive place to stay near the clinic, complete with meal service for only $55/day.

Make a donation and proudly wear a daffodil pin as a sign of your commitment to the fight against cancer. Visit cancer.ca/daffodil for more information or to donate online.

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