December 17 - 31
01:30PM - 10:00PM
Bailey Studio

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This year’s pantomime Aladdin and the Pirates by the Nanaimo Theatre Group is a must see or should we say ‘sea’.  Combining the well-known fairy tale, with some modern upgrades and just a hint of piracy this show is performed in the traditional format of a British pantomime with all of the ingredients that you have come to expect from this genre of theatre. There is Aladdin, our hero/heroine (you get to cheer for him), Dame Twanky, his mother (although she looks more like his father), Princess Eugenie, his love interest, and Abanazer an evil pirate magician (you get to boo him).  Finally there is the traditional pantomime animal who you would think might be a camel or a parrot…but no, it’s a penguin! There is singing, dancing and all forms of silliness performed by a very talented cast and we guarantee that there will be something for all ages to enjoy as you join us on this delightful theatrical journey.  Shows are at the Bailey Studio, December 17-19 and 26-30 and a special New Years Eve show which begins at 9 PM.  Tickets & more information is at or 250-758-7224.

Warning: There will be loud noises and strobe lights used during the show.

Tickets: $16, New Year’s Eve: $25
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